Frequently Asked Question

What is CharterAce?
Last Updated 9 months ago

CharterAce is the online tool we use to manage the back office processes for charter schools.   The tool allows schools to manage their accounts payable processes as well as the student registration systems.  Additional functionality will be added in the future. 

  • Accounts Payable Operations - CharterAce allows schools to upload their transactions (invoices) into the system, and for them to go through a digital approval process prior to being paid.  Once approved, the bills can be paid electronically through a partnership with Bill.Com, or we can manually process the payment and generate the checks.  There are numerous other tools and functionalities which allow schools to access reports, cash flow projects, budget reports, and more. 
  • Student Registration System - The Student Registration System aims to streamline the process of having students register for the charter school, running the lottery, and managing which students have been accepted to the school as well as contact information and registration information for students.  The system also allows for mass communication with families through email or SMS messaging. 

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